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WHAT ITEMS ARE AT THE TOP of most buyers’ “I want to have that” lists when shopping for a home on Cape Cod? Our Realtors share what makes a home on the Cape move quickly from “for sale” to “sold.”

1. Screened-in porch. “Summertime living is what it’s all about here,” says Broker and owner Mandy Robinson, who says a screened-in porch keeps annoying mosquitos and other insects away at night when sitting and dining outside. “That’s what it’s all about — bringing the outside in, without the outside eating you or your food.”

2. First-floor master bedroom. Older buyers often prefer to avoid too many stairs. “Many people will look for one-floor living or, if it’s not a one-story house, a master on the first and guest rooms on the second floor,” says Associate Broker Sue Peters.

3. Central air conditioning. “Air conditioning is becoming a top priority, whereas a few years back it was unheard of,” says Broker Penny Newman. “This is a new priority in the past two to three years.” If a home on the market doesn’t have air conditioning, buyers will often investigate how much it will cost to install it.

This charming Wellfleet home has many items on buyers’ most-wanted lists. MLS 21300579.

4. Open-concept floorplan. “Today, people like the open feel in a house,” says Penny, who says that vacations are all about togetherness. “They love the vaulted ceilings and a kitchen that’s open to the living spaces. That’s where people gather.”

5. Wood floors. The appeal is simple. “You come in from the beach, and you can sweep the sand out,” says Penny. “Also, people feel that wood floors are cooler than wall-to-wall carpet. They’re a plus in anyone’s column.”

6. Low-maintenance yards. Cape Cod buyers, for the most part, love lots planted with native plants that need little, if any, attention. “Our buyers have maintained lawns for 35 or 40 years already, and they want a natural setting,” says Penny. “Forget the grass.”

7. Outdoor shower. If you’ve ever used an outdoor shower, you know why this is a must-have for many Cape Cod owners.

8. Rental history. “About 90 percent of our second-home owners do intend to rent their house in the high season to offset the expense of the purchase, so they keep that in mind when buying,” says Penny. “They want to know how rentable the house is and how much a week they could get for it.” Having a good rental history is a bonus.

9. Water views or easy access to a beach or pond. Although most buyers would love to have an unobstructed view of Wellfleet Harbor or the Atlantic, the truth is that it’s simply not in most people’s budgets. But we all love to dream!

No matter what is on your dream list, we can help you find the perfect Cape Cod home. For all your rental, sales, and buying needs, please contact one of the experts from Prudential Cape Shores Real Estate. Our friendly staff knows the beautiful Lower Cape/National Seashore area of Old Cape Cod. Visit or call 508-349-1000.