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YOU’VE INVESTED YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY on a beautiful Cape Cod vacation home. Now the big question is: Who will keep an eye on it when you’re out of town or gone for the season? If your year-round home is not close enough that you can travel to your Cape Cod home within a short time, you may want to consider hiring a property watch or property management service. Here are all the details from Prudential Cape Shores owner and Broker Mandy Robinson.

Expect the unexpected
Homeowners quickly learn that owning a second home — particularly one that may be vacant part of the year and filled with renters during the summer — can be a challenge. What are some common things that go wrong?

  • Squirrels or other animals get inside a vacant home and wreak havoc
  • Tree falls on the roof during a snowstorm
  • Pipes freeze during a winter cold snap
  • Renters back up the plumbing

Property watch versus property manager
A property watch service is a basic home-monitoring service in which the hired person will do a physical inspection of a vacant or rented house on a regular basis. Typically, the watchperson will make weekly visits; that person will also make unscheduled trips if an alarm is tripped or difficult weather passes through Cape Cod. That person will notify the homeowner of items that may need to be repaired, although he or she won’t do any of the repairs.

“Often times on Cape Cod, retirees hire themselves out as property watchers,” says Mandy. “Many have had good, responsible corporate jobs and want something to keep themselves busy.”

Peter Newman, who is married to agent Penny Newman, offers a property watch service. “A home watch service is very low cost for the sanity it provides,” says Mandy.

Homeowners who don’t live full-time on the Cape may want to consider hiring a service to watch their homes when they’re not home. Have questions? Ask the experts
at Prudential Cape Shores Real Estate.

A property manager provides a full complement of services. In addition to property watch services, a property manager will act as a handyman and fix anything that goes wrong. Often, they’ll take care of landscaping, snow removal, seasonal cleaning, and more. Chris Easley, who is married to agent Kathy Easley, offers a property management service.

If you own a second home and would like our recommendations for trusted property watch and property management services, please call one of the experts from Prudential Cape Shores Real Estate. Our friendly staff knows the beautiful Lower Cape/National Seashore area of Old Cape Cod. Visit, call 508-349-1000, or email